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That Microphone "button"

The microphone button is the most annoying thing you could have inconvienntly put in my way. If you do not pay for Premium you can't click on songs you're searching, only the 3 little dots to the right of the song, AND THIS STUPID BUTTON BLOCKS THE OPTION MENU!!! So I can't even add the song to my play list now. MAKE THE BUTTON MOVEABLE, it's not that hard to code the button to be more userfriendly and MOVEABLEEEEE!!!!!!! 

Also side note: Even Sound Cloud lets me hear a 30 second preview of a song before I add it to my list... please stop being so conceded & trying to force people into paying for premium, you rich greedy bastards, and giving a preview ensures what version of a song I'm adding to my playlist!!!!!!! 

Who Me Too'd this topic