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Thirty minutes of add free music






iPhone 8+

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ios 11.4


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 I already posted this on suggestions,  if since it needs votes there to actually be paid attention to...



Several years ago (2-3ish?) when you were listening to Spotify free, every 30 minutes to an hour there would be an auto-ad that played, which then granted you access to 30 minutes of ad-free music. Somewhere along the way this changed over to a message saying “tap the ad for thirty minutes of ad-free music” or something along the lines of that... but basically, now you have a few seconds to get to the app and physically tap “play ad” in order to get your free thirty minutes... would it be possible to revert back to the automatic ad seeing as I (and probably a majority of other users) use Spotify while driving?? It definitely isn’t safe to be fumbling around with your phone to play an ad to get free music... but also not fair that we don’t really get the option unless we want to risk our (and others’) lives to do so.... I have no idea why the change was ever introduced, but it would be GREAT if it was removed . 

Who Me Too'd this topic