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Spotify is stopping and crackling on iPhone 7 app


I am a Spotify Premium user and have been using the app on the iPhone 7 for nearly 2 years. I have recently found that when listening to music it randomly pauses/stops and then starts crackling. Once this starts it keeps happening unless I restart the app. However this only buys me some more time before the same happens.


I have read previous threads and tried all suggestions e.g. log out of all devices, uninstall and reinstall the app etc, turn off Bluetooth etc. 


I listen to the music app through headphones on the commute to work and found it only works uninterrupted with mobile data turned off. This is clearly not a long term solution. The songs I am listening to are all downloaded offline so the mobile data shouldn’t be affecting the playback. As outlined above, i’ve tried turning Bluetooth (and WiFi) off and this didn’t help so I am now lost and starting to get fed up.


I am on the latest iOS if that helps.


Really hoping someone knows how to fix this because it is ruining my experience of Spotify.


Who Me Too'd this topic

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