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Chromecast stops playing






iPhone 8+  / iPhone 6S

Google Home Mini

Chromecast Audio

nVidia Shield


Operating System

(iOS 10 / Shield Experience 7)


My Question or Issue

We have a similar issue to a lot of the "fixed" issues in here. Basically I do one of the following:

- start Spotify on our phone and select chromecast (the nvidia shield)

- ask google home mini to play on the shield

- use spotify on the phone and select google home mini


It'll play, sometimes 1 song - sometimes 10 songs and just stop. The app says it's still playing on the shield and shows the track progress moving but no audio. 


Compare this to google play music which will play non stop until we stop it (accidently left it play for a full weekend while we were away). We also stream a bunch of online radio stations all day with no issues.


It's definitley not a wifi issue as our nvidia shield is hooked up via ethernet. our network is made up of unifi gear which is flawless for everything else so everything points directly to spotify.


it's so unreliable that we're considering moving permantently over to google play.

Who Me Too'd this topic