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Android app has a plethora of problems with interface

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Pixel 2 XL (formerly HTC 10)

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

 To begin with, here's what I've done to try and resolve the problem...


On my old phone, I wiped data and cache for Spotify, reinstalled spotify multiple times. The phone had some other problems so I upgraded to a Pixel 2. Even with a fresh phone, the problems persist. I did not restore anything from a backup of the previous phone. I only had the new phone for about a week before the issues started to occur.


The issues:

  1. What is displayed on the screen loses sync with what's playing. Sometimes I will skip a song and the next song will begin but the cover art and song information on the screen will not update. This is usually accompanied by the seek bar being frozen at 0 seconds. Trying to manipulate the seek bar will skip back to 0 seconds on the currently playing song. This condition persists until the back button is pressed to go back to playlist/songs, upon which the info on screen will update.
    The same thing will happen while skipping through songs from the playlist view using the small song display at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Sometimes I can only skip a few songs. I'll be in a playlist and skip a couple songs (usually about 3) and then it appears that there is nothing else in the queue (can't see the next song's cover art on the right edge of the screen). Again, going back into the playlist view fixes this, but it just happens again.
  3. Notifications do not appear on the lock screen or the notification pane.
  4. Spotify does not pause audio for Google Assistant voice input.

All these issues tend to happen at the same time, so it seems to be related to some state of the app that doesn't always occur. It does happen often enough to be an absolute annoyance. I heard that Google Play Music is shutting down soon. If it wasn't I'd just switch, it's hardly worth paying for premium when issues like these happen all the time.

Another perhaps unrelated issue - sometimes when I dont' have data reception, Spotify will tell me I can't play a song offline even though I have it saved...


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