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Volume to Max with Spotify Connect // New post - Old problem!


 Anyone else using Spotify Connect having issues with it automatically connecting to your receiver, starting up the music, and turning the volume to 100% !???


Seriously – why haven’t you fixed this Spotify!?? Hundred of people have had this issue so far! *

I almost got my speakers ruined!! The reciever blasted out 165 watt, where my speakers are only made for 90 watt!!


Neither my iPhone, my speakers, or my computer (which I was playing from to begin with) was set to 100%. Normally it’s around 15-20% tops.


I sent you guys at Spotify an email about it, in which you decided to respond only to a secondary issue in previous emails and refused to even adress what had happened. I am so mad and disappointed right now! I wrote back, wondering if they are going to take responsibility if my speakers now are ruined?



* https://community.spotify.com/t5/iOS-iPhone-iPad/Spotify-Connect-Sets-Volume-to-Max/td-p/855933/page...



Spotify Connect

iPhone 7

Sony STRDN-1080



Who Me Too'd this topic