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Bad Bluetooth sound quality iOS 12






iPhone Xs Max


Operating System

iOS 12


My Question or Issue

Received my Xs Max today and when I use Spotify to playback in my BMW i3 via bluetooth the quality is really bad, I guess it is a IOS12 issue.

It sounds like the music is very clear and then muffled and then clear again, and the quality sounds like a 128kbps track very noisy and not clear and bright like normal!


I have tried offline tracks and streaming but it doesn't change anything, also changing the settings to low and back to high does not fix the problem.


Hope you can resolve this issue in a soon to release update!


EDIT: With the Music app I have the same problem, also tested it with a iPhone SE and 6S with iOS 12 and that works fine. So the issue is with the Xs Max itself!


Who Me Too'd this topic