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Cannot undo “Don’t play this song”.


This is ridiculous. I have scoured the web for over an hour trying to find a solution, with zero luck. You apparently can undo this on an Android, but not on an iPhone? You cannot put a button right next to the Skip button that PERMANENTLY and IRREVERSIBLY cuts your access to a song. It doesn’t even remove the song from the playlist, it just sits there unplayable even if you add it to Queue. How on Earth did this get through development?

Also, this function ONLY EXISTS in the free version of Spotify. I don’t know how it makes any sense that Premium Members lose this button entirely, but I signed up hoping that I would be able to retrieve access to my “disliked” songs and found even less options available to me.


I definitely want a refund of my subscription if I can’t even listen to the songs sitting in my playlists.

iPhone SE - Yes, my app is up to date.

Who Me Too'd this topic