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disable spotify connect?



this has honestly gotten pretty ridiculous. the fact that it hasn't been even considered an option to disable spotify connect despite numerous posts is absolutely beyond me.


i have two devices (my PC and an nvidia shield upstairs in the living room) configured to use two different spotify accounts i configured as one only streams playlists and the other (which is premium) has all of my music on it. since i work from home i sometimes put some tunes on, however every time someone in the house turns on the TV/shield, it starts streaming whatever garbage playlist is first in line from whatever's trending on both my PC and the TV thru spotify connect. it's absolutely infuriating because i'll have tunes playing and then all of a sudden some low quality artist starts blaring from my headphones and i have to go upstairs and turn it off.


is there any way to disable it? does it run on any ports? is there any file i can make a modification to so i can get this heap of trash to stop ruining my work?

Who Me Too'd this topic