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One Facebook friend disappeared from list

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 I am no longer able to locate one of my facebook friends that I used to be able to share with all the time. I use spotify on my iPad 3rd gen (WiFi only) and my iPod Touch 5th gen both with 6.1.3 iOS. Both devices are running the latest version of Mobile Spotify


(same troubleshooting done on both devices)

First I checked to make sure we were both signed in to Facebook

I then went to iPad Settings>Safari and cleared both cache and cookies, restarted the iPad and downloaded again

Problem still occurs and she is my only friend that i show missing; she is also the only friend I've ever shared with.

Neither my iPad or iPod Touch is jailbroken.


I am, however, able to find her fine on my 21.5-inch, Mid 2011 iMac spotify app and am able to share music. The desktop app is running version  Issue is only occuring on my iPad and iPod Touch. This has been going on for the past 2 days.


I have 20 playlists (18 if you do not include the Liked From Radio ones from each device)


My user name is Century Got Bars


I have enclosed 2 screenshots. The missing friend is Carmen Nickelberry. In the first screen shot you see she is on my following list on my desktop. In the second you can see she does not appear in the friends list which is alphabetized.


Please tell me how to fix this because we share the best music and dont feel like emailing each other as a workaround all the time 😞

spotify issue 2.png
spotify issue.png
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