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Updates on the 'Album' tab and 'save' feature




The new update I noticed on the 'Album' section is extremely frustrating and messy. Before the update, the albums that appeared within the section were only the ones I have 'saved' which downloaded every song in those albums without them going to my 'songs' tab.


However, the update has taken this away and clumped together EVERY INDIVIDUAL item I have SPECIFICALLY saved to my 'songs', which includes both albums AND singles, to the 'album' page. It also doesn't display the full album any longer, only the songs I have chosen to be downloaded in my 'songs'. To save albums after the update, I now have to have ALL the songs in the album added to my 'songs' which I do not like at all as I only save songs that are my favourites within that tab. 


I searched this community blog for answers to find that the majority of users do have all songs downloaded when using the 'save' feature. I noticed my family and friends having this 'feature'. However, I appreciated and was very happy in not having this annoyance.


I do not like this and would like to switch back to previous versions. Alternatively, this "improvement" needs to be rectified in future updates. 




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