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Where is radio like/dislike?

Music Fan

Plan: Premium

Country: US

Device: iPhone 7

Operating System: ios 12.1.4



The thumbs up/thumbs down icons within radio are gone, replaced by a heart and a circle/slash icon.  Aside from the general library, the radio feature is hands down the best feature of spotify. Actively rating the given song will give you an awesome playlist within 10-20 likes. However, now if you heart a song it is added to your library (annoying, and doesn't say whether it's improving the station), while disliking still seems to work. Please bring back thumbs up/thumbs down, and stop saving the heart-ed songs to the library. It takes a lot of likes to optimize a radio station and I don't necessarily want those songs saved to my library (unless you guys want to do away with the 10,000 song limit as well). I brought this issue up previously, and it was lumped in with the (now-solved) issue of spotify disliking two songs in a row. Creating a new post to get back to the main issue. 


Who Me Too'd this topic