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Bring back the search function at the top of playlists


For a long while now the search feature in a playlist have been hidden away in a menu for no reason what so ever. Before it was just right at the top. You swipe down and you press a thing at the top, you search for what ever song you want and boom ur done. 

Wanna know the funny part? If you actually press the 3 dot menu and the search button there.. YOU STILL AND END UP AT THE TOP.


Yeah. When you go into the deeper menus to find it, press it to activate, the search bar still appears at the top like it used to. Someone at Spotify (who should be fired) thought that instead of just going to the top to and press to search, thought it was a good idea to hide it beind a menu with an additional button press and STILL have it appear at the top. How brainded can you possibly be do think this is a great and needed change? Esp when you didn't use that upper place for something else. 

Who Me Too'd this topic