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Carplay not showing all albums in my library






iPhone 7(updated to latest sw), Apple Carplay. Ford Focus Sync 3 2017(updated to latest sw)

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1


My Question or Issue

When using apple carplay (wired) not all albums are visible. I have about 55 albums stored/liked on my phone.


How I reproduce this:

Start my car.

connect phone to car using an apple cable.

Carplay shows up.

I go to spotify

I select library -> albums

My albums are only visible up until the letter D. This is about 15 albums. I know there is some kind of limitation with only having lists of 200 but this is not the case right here.


If I turn off my car, close spotify on phone and repeat the above steps then sometimes it will actually show all albums. I will scroll down to for instance the letter S. Now if I wait a minute or so all of a sudden the album list refreshes back to the letter D and only the albums up until D are visible again.


If needed I will make a video with the issue but I will not post that in public.


Who Me Too'd this topic