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[SOLVED PARTIALLY] Spotify downloads songs to internal memory instead of keeping on SD after reboot

Edit 25.07.2021:
Better workaround, but unfortunately it also needs root access like older below - you need to make Spotify backup via Titanium Backup app. After restarting phone you need to restore made a backup before and all songs will remain. Works all the time.

From time to time I make a new backup when I update Spotify app (hoping for that bug to be fixed or add new songs).

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Edit: 19.11.2019:
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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Operating System

Android 7/8/9/10 (I am using custom Android systems but it does not matter in that case)


My Question or Issue

Hello, some time ago I set storage to my SD card, where I have downloaded over 1000 songs. Unfortunately I have noticed that every time, when I reboot my phone Spotify downloads immediately all songs again to internal memory and in the preferences the option is switched to Device storage.


As I noticed Spotify process launches immediately after PIN is inserted and before SD card is checked, so it 'thinks' that there isno SDcard and starts download tracks again. There should be a delay or possibility to disable auto-launch app on boot.


I have noticed that similar issues were posted in in the current and previous year but problem is still unresolved.

I noticed and tried are few workarounds like:
- mounting SD card as extended, internal storage (I cannot do it, I need SD card as external),
- enabling developers options and allow to install or move app on SD card (I have that option but I do not see possibility to move Spotify to SD card),
- disabling overall Spotify app at system boot (I cannot do this, disabling autoboot it via AppOps doesn't help, it still boots),

- modyfying app receivers (especially disabled broadcast receiver) - Spotify did not start, stuck at logo,

- disabling notifications - app does not start when I disabled "Spotify Music" notification.


Could you take a look on it? It's quite old issue, many people "voted" for it so as I think it should be fixed as soon as possible without combining. What if we are abroad and the phone will be discharged? Roaming might be really expensive.

With regards,

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