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Whole playlist doesn't get played, only a very small percentage (Liked Songs Playlist)




United States


Pixel 3

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This has been an on going issue for months but I will try my best to describe it. Any time I want to listen to a whole playlist on either shuffle or in order, it doesn't actually go through the whole playlist. Maybe only 30-50 of the songs then goes back to the beginning. Something like this:


1. Song 1

2. Song 2

3. Song 3


50. Song 50


N. Song N


Intead of shuffling all the way through to Song N, it only reaches Song 50 then goes to Song 1. So I am only hearing a very small percentage of songs in a playlist. My Liked Songs playlist is about 2200 songs, and I only hear about 50 songs until it loops back to the initial starting song.


Honestly, this is very frustrating. This logic of random shuffling is such a basic thing to implement and its broken. Spotify keeps pushing out these updates and breaking the most basic functionalities of the app. And we still have yet to hear anything on when Android Users can block artists and Kenwood radio support is still busted. Its making me reconsider keeping premium.



Who Me Too'd this topic