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Song won't play when pressed






iPhone Xs

Operating System

iOS 12.4


My Question or Issue

This morning when I tried to use the spotify app, when I tried to play a song it wouldn't play. The app recognized I pressed it but didn't actually play it. The player above the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen was also missing. I tried playing songs from my "Discover weekly" and my Liked Songs library and neither worked. I also tried closing the app through multitasking and restarting it and that didn't work either. Restarting the phone didn't work either.


I found a solution by playing a song on my PC then changing the device used to play to my phone, but I want to know if there is another way to fix this that doesn't require a second device. Unfortunately I don't have any steps to reproduce since this occured this morning and the app was working fine for me last night.

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