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Chromecast functionality is totally broken







Huawei P30

Operating System

Android 9
Spotify Version


My Question or Issue

Okay guys, seriously: Please just enter Chromecast and Spotify in any search engine you like and you get same results. Lots of people saying that Spotify and Chromecast simply don't work together and you get one guy from Spotify saying "It is fixed now with the latest version, please reinstall" 


I tried everything: Several devices, both Android and iOS, restarting my whole life, not only my network EVERYTHING. And every other app on my phone just works like a charme with Chromecast Audio. 

Why isn't Spotify working so poor with Chromecast? I can see my Chromecast on the app, I click on it, I get the feedback sound from the speakers and nothing happens. Every. **bleep**. Time. After 1,000 reconnecting intents it works as long as I don't skip any song, i.e. only opening the spotify app on the phone destroys the whole thing. 

Why? And what can I do? What are you plans to make it work? Do I have to a buy a Network AV Receiver to get rid of Chromecast just because the connection isnt't working since ever? 


Who Me Too'd this topic