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Heart icon absent






Samsung A7 2018

Operating System

Android 9 (Pie)
App version

Hello to all,

My wife and I have each a Samsung A7 smartphone (described here above).
I subscribed to Spotify Premium over a few months ago. While playing a song, I have the possibility to add or to withdraw the played song to my list of "liked songs" by touching the heart icon (see here under screenshot).
I've upgraded my plan to "Family" and my wife has got access to Spotify with her own profile. I've installed the app (same version as mine) on her smartphone (same as mine), with her own profile and configured her preferences just like mines are.
The problem is that on my wife's phone, the heart icon doesn't appear. All phone settings/appearance/font size etc. are exactly the same on both smartphones; only the sim cards differ.
I've also disconnected my profile from my smartphone and connected with her profile on my smartphone; same problem, the heart icon is absent. So my conclusion is that it is not a device issue, nor a device settings issue. It's a Spotify profile issue.
Can someone explain me if I did something wrong, or how can I activate the heart icon on my wife's profile-phone?
Thanks for your replies.

Philippe aka Screenshot_20200201-153713_Spotify.jpgRailsavoie


Who Me Too'd this topic