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App showing title of one same song






Samsung Galaxy Note 9



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Hi folks, interesting issue here. It appears when I close the spotify app and reopen it. After I open the app, the part of the screen that is supposed to show the title of the song currently playing shows the last song played. Even when I skip songs it does not change. When I enter cover mode (where the screen shows the cover of the song played), it shopws the song played before I exitted the app and when I swipe there to skip songs, it can swipe up to three sogs, but those will not be the ones playing but the ones that followed on the list after the song before exitting. After that, I can only skip by tapping the next song button. reboot of the phone resolves the problem, but I don't want to keep rebooting everytime. I quit the app by just exitting, not stopping the song. Issue appeared yesterday. Any ideas? Thanks.

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