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Playlists Default to Radio of Playlist Instead of Playing







PC - an old school tower (issue does not happen on my Android Phone)

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Nearly every time I hit play on a playlist when using my desktop, it automatically plays the "playlist radio" instead of the playlist. I like having the radio option turned on for playing new songs AFTER my playlist has ended, but this jumps straight into the radio - often not even playing more than one song from my actual playlist. 

If I go back in to the playlist (the same way I selected it the first time) and hit play again on the first song in my playlist, usually it will then play the actual playlist instead of the radio version, but not always. 


When I hit play on a playlist on my phone, it works fine. My playlist is played in the order I arranged it every time. 


What setting do I need to change to get this to stop? Or is it a bug?


Granted, I haven't listened on my desktop in awhile now, but I remember it working just fine last year or the year before. What has changed?

Who Me Too'd this topic