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Spotify nightmare

 Alexa and Spotify is a nightmare, despite repeated messages sayings problems are fixed. THEY ARE NOT.

Sometimes it says Spotify is playing when it’s clearly not.

Shuffle never works until the playlist is playing and you THEN ask for it.

Sometimes it won’t work on request until you manually change it to listen on your iPhone and request Alexa Links to your phone . 
Sometimes you have to physically start Spotify on your phone 

Sometimes it’s playing one playlist on Alexa and showing a different one on your phone.

Sometimes alarms playing Spotify don’t go off 

Sometimes it recognises a playlist , sometimes it doesnt.

Routines can’t seem to shuffle playlists. 
You can’t seem to start a Spotify routine ready to start playing in your car . 







Operating System

(iOS 14, Windows 10)


Who Me Too'd this topic