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App crashes every day while playing a song







iPhone 12 mini

Operating System

iOS 14.2 


My Question or Issue

Every day for the past month, Spotify has crashed while playing a song. When I start Spotify again it starts playing the same song from the beginning. If I have my airpods in and double tap to "play," it plays the same song. I didn't have this issue on my iPhone SE which was running iOS 14.


Here are all the things I have done: 

-Logged in and out of the account

-Cleared cache 

-Performed a clean install

-Turned my iPhone on and off

-Checked for any updates to Spotify and iOS; they are both up to date 

-Turned off background refresh


It's turning from a nuisance to an actual danger because the app crashes every single day on my drive to work. So I am forced to be on my phone just to restart Spotify in my car which I absolutely hate doing, but it's better than listening to radio ads. Please help--I have never had a problem with Spotify in 10 years until this! 

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