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Spotify on android auto - Spotify doesn't seem to be working right now






Nokia 7 plus

Operating System

Android One version 10


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It's some week that Spotify does not work anymore on android auto.

I tried to unistall the updates of Android auto and update to last version again. I also tried to uninstall Spotify and reinstall that. It worked only one time. When I attach my phone to my car and I select Spotify, on the screen of Android Auto appears the message "Spotify doesn't seem to be working right now".
If I connect my phone with bluetooth I can listen Spotify, but another problem is that the car screen show only the title of the first song and don't update it when the next song is played and the command of car (next and prevoius track) don't work on Spotify. (I have a Ford Fiesta with Ford Sync 3.0)

I think that the two problems are related because they started in the same time.

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