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Playing a song from "search in playlist" only plays songs that show up on the search

Long title, I know, but this issue Is quite annoying. 


When using "search in playlist" or "filter" to look for a specific song, lets say a song that has the word "hey" in it, you get a reduced list of only the songs that have "hey" in them, lets say there are three in the entire playlist. You press play on the song you were looking for and exit "filter", however only the three songs that had "hey" in them play, on repeat (I have repeat selected), and not the entire playlist. Its like an entirely new playlist with only those three songs is created.


I tried deleting and reinstalling Spotify and that seemed to help for a couple of hours, but now the issue is back. Is there anything else that can be done? (this is for desktop versin on Mac btw)


Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic