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Playlist reordered (not by me)

I have Spotify Premium and use it on my computer, phone (Android) and iPad.  I have a "new stuff" playlist with 300+ songs from more than 30 albums, what I am currently listening to.  I recently noticed that several songs from an album near the top of the playlist had been exchanged with songs from an album near the bottom.  But, this 1) wasn't done by me, and 2) the problem only shows up on my phone and iPad.  On my computer, the playlist shows as I designed it.  I've already logged out and back into Spotify on these devices, but the playlist change doesn't go away.  How can I fix this and keep it from happening again.  Note the playlist is already ordered custom and shows correctly on the computer, the one device where it is easiest to make changes.  It's amazing to me that changes don't simply sync across devices.

Who Me Too'd this topic