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“Your Top Shows” Displays podcasts I only listened to a few minutes and never went back?






iPhone 7

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iOS 14.6


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On the home page of Spotify it has a section called “Your Top Shows” the problem is it keeps listing a podcast I don’t even like just because I tried it for a couple of minutes and it turned out to be bad. I can’t find it in my recently played either because I listen to music all day everyday so there is literally a thousand entries since the time I tried this podcast and now I don’t use Spotify for podcasts at all because I prefer another app for that so the “Your Top Shows” isn’t going to change. What really doesn’t make sense is that I didn’t even finish an episode let alone give the show a heart and I listened to it at least a month ago so how it could be recommended as a top show? Also what’s frustrating is how it seems to be impossible to remove it on iPhone unless I missed a setting and I don’t have a PC and shouldn’t need one just to manage my account.

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