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Songs stop playing after 9-10 seconds - app

Premium Family

USA (have also had the same issue in Mexico)

Spotify Version: 8.6.56 (updated today 8/27/21)

Device: iPhone Xs, iOS 14.7.1


For 5 days now (that I've noticed) none of my songs will play longer than 9-10 seconds. I can hear one song all the way through probably every 1/50 songs. This is extremely frustrating and I've read every message board and it seems like many other people are experiencing this issue with no help from Spotify. Here is more information:


1. I have tried: deleting the app and reinstalling it, updating the app, logging out and back in, changing my password, clearing my cache, quitting the app and reopening, restarting my phone, turned off my crossfade, tried to listen on wifi, tried to listen on 5GE, tried to listen on airplane mode, and tried to listen on offline mode. None of these have solved the issue.

2. All of my songs are downloaded so connection shouldn't be an issue. Even when I was on a 3 hour flight in airplane and offline mode, none of my songs would work. What is the point of using 10GB of my phone's storage to download my songs if I can't listen to them when I'm offline?

3. I have tried listening to Spotify via web browser (Chrome) and it works fine. My songs also play all the way through when I listen on the Mac Spotify app. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to listen to music on a run, with your laptop.


I would really appreciate some help on this. It would be helpful to hear new suggestions besides the ones I have already tried/seen on this forum and others. Thanks in advance.


Who Me Too'd this topic