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Spotify Android App Chromecast Not Working

I recently switched to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 running Android 9 with One U.I. 1.0 and have encountered an issue with Spotify not detecting any Chromecast devices, such as my Google Home Hub or Google TV. However, it does detect non-chromecast devices such as my PC. When I've checked other apps, such as YouTube, they have no issues with Chromecast and are able to connect without any problems. This issue is quite frustrating as it makes it impossible for me to enjoy my music on my Chromecast devices, which I frequently use to play music in my home. I have tried troubleshooting the issue by clearing the cache, deleting the data, and even reinstalling the app, but to no avail. I have also checked online for solutions and haven't found any that work for my specific case; strange behavior
Who Me Too'd this topic