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[Win 10] Cannot play playlist using spotify uri






Laptop, Spotify Desktop Client

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Hi All,

I am trying to use spotify uri to auto-open spotify on a specific playlist and start playing it. However, I found that playlist uri with ":play" does not work.


I am trying to use Windows Terminal and the following command:

spotify --uri='spotify:playlist:<playlist_id>:play'

and it just does not work (with any playlist: neither my own public, my own private, nor just any public).


I tried the same idea using track or album instead of playlist and everything works fine (Spotify Desktop Client opens on a specific track / album and just starts playing) but for a playlist it does not work - it properly opens but does not play (as if there was no ":play" part at all in uri).


It does not work with Spotify closed or already opened, but with track or album it works both ways.


Please let me know what might be wrong or am I doing something incorrectly.


Kind Regards,


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