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End of queue is ambiguous

The new "Get the User's Queue" endpoint is pretty neat:


However, it has a small problem that prevent it from being usable in all cases. You see, the queue will usually return exactly 20 items. The problem is that it never returns less, even when it's appropriate. This has the side effect that the end of a queue is never clear, as it simply repeats itself until 20 items are returned.


View on Spotify Client:



Result of the API:



There is no way to know if the queue is actually like this or if it's simply a side effect. It also doesn't give any information for whether the user has actually manually queued songs or if the upcomings songs are simply the next ones in the respective playlist context.


It would be nice if Spotify extended the API endpoint to reveal this information as well, as right now more than a good guess isn't possible.

Who Me Too'd this topic