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Static/crackling with certain files

Casual Listener

When sync my tracks to my Spotify app for offline use, I get a lot of static/crackling in certain tracks and the volume is very low. This only happens to tracks that I added to playlists from Spotify itself. Tracks that I have stored locally that I sync over to my phone play just fine and crystal clear.

I've tried clearing the cache, I've tried using wifi and mobile data, I've even tried uninstalling the app and resintalling with no success. This basically renders my paying for premium useless as most of my music comes from Spotify.
I've also tried different download and streaming qualities from Normal to Extreme. All produce the same horrible quality.

Streaming from the app still gives me that awful static. The problem here are Spotiify's tracks themselves. I didn't have this problem with my old HTC One X which unfortunately died a few months ago.

Galaxy S4 mini
Android version: 4.2.2
Spotify version:

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