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Playlist folder > all tracks - ordering is bizarre, any way to sort?

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Can anyone help me with this, its driving me potty. How can I get 'all tracks' on the iphone to sort more sensibly and less randomly?


I have Spotify premium on Windows desktop and iphone. I have multiple playlists (each of an album) within playlist folders created on the desktop client. It is possible to play one album after another in this way.


In the iphone app the 'all tracks' ordering seems to be completely random, albums/playlists do not stay together.


For example I just created a playlist folder in the desktop client and dragged an album to it from the artist listing to create a playlist within the folder. I then added a second album/playlist in the same manner. I restarted Spotify on the iphone, went to folder > all tracks and i have 7 (out of 10) tracks from list A (not in the same order as added on desktop client) followed by all the tracks from list B (differently ordered)  followed by the remaining 3 tracks from list A.


I can remove an album/list from the playlist folder and put it back and it reverts to a seemingly random order again, this seems to happen if I have a folder with 10, 20 or 2 playlists in it. None of the tracks are starred, they were all added at the same time.


Is there a way to make 'all tracks' on the iphone order more sensibly? If it at least kept the artists grouped it would be less annoying!


I could of course just create one long playlist to force everything into the right order but I listen to music on the go in a very different way than I do at home and woud prefer not to have to do this.

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