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Downloading music to external SD card, another one...

I've done the re-installing, I've done the clean re-installing, I've done the re-installing with the SD card out then putting it back in and moving files around, and nothing seems to work.


I've got a Huawei y300 with Android 4.1.1, the very newest version of Spotify, a 32gb SD card that is literally empty until I start to download and I can't get it to download more than a quarter of my songs without saying that there's no space. I've tried going back to my old card which had the songs downloaded (and still should) but it still doesn't want to sync. 


Is there ANYTHING I can do to download my playlists? And when will Spotify work around this as, from the posts I've been reading, this has been going on for a long time...

Who Me Too'd this topic