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Why the Iphone App sucks big time regarding playlists and favorites!

Besides all the other known problems regarding stops during track-changes and missing buffer clearing i think that the whole playlist and starring-concept is totally screwed up as it is now.


First of all you can not star artists, then all starred items like albums or single tracks are put into a single long list! What sense does it make if i star a good track but then have to search for it inside a long confusing list?


Simfy for example gives you different categories. You can star artists, single tracks, whole albums and even playlists. The fine thing is that if you star an artists, you will find him under "artists" not in a mixed up long list.


Another effort should be put into playlist-management. Now you cannot resort whole playlists, nor you can rename them etc. Meanwhile i have dozens of different playlists because i cannot star my favorite artists, i have to make playlists out of them in order to quickly find them. A big welcome could also be some kind of playlist-folder or playlist-grouping, the same way as itunes handles this.

This way i could create some atop-folder with "pop" for example and put my corresponding playlists there. another folder with "jazz" would contain my jazz-stuff etc.


Another big wish would be a button for quick removal of single items from a playlist during playback. I don't care less about sending a track to a friend, than of being able to delete it quickly from a playlist. Please add this feature, as i think it is quite important!

Instead i could try starring all the tracks i like instead of deleting the ones i hate, but then all starred tracks will land inside the long list (see above).


I am not sure how the standalone windows software manages this as i don't even have it installed, because i listen to all my music from iphone. But the iphone app is more than a pain in the ... to use if you really want to take it seriously. 


I hope some of this can be corrected!


Thanks, O.

Who Me Too'd this topic