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Still can't get offline / downloaded content to store on SD Card


I've read all the forum stuff on this problem that I could find and the only solution I've seen doesn't fix my problem.


I have a Samsung S5 on Verizon and the main storage area is filled up.  My SD card has over 20 gb of space left.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify twice in an attempt to get it to recognize the fact that there is no more room on my device and to start storing offline content onto the SD card as the many forum users have suggested would happen.  This hasn't worked either time.  I still see no options or ways to combat this or change anything.  As soon as I start to save / download songs, they go right back to the device itself.  My phone is completely updated, running the newest Android OS available for it.


Any suggestions would be helpfu.  Thanks

Who Me Too'd this topic