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If you've got a question about syncing your music offline on an Android device, we have a couple FAQs here: 


Listen offline

1. With an active Internet connection, select a playlist.

2. Tap Available Offline to ON at the top of the playlist.

3. A green arrow will appear next to the playlist when it’s available.

4. Turn on Offline Mode in Settings > Playback and tapping the switch at the top.


How do I remove my offline devices?

  1. Log into your account on our website.
  2. Click Offline Devices at the top.
  3. Click REMOVE to reset an individual device or REMOVE ALL DEVICES to reset all offline devices on your account.

Why does Spotify sometimes top syncing offline playlists?

If tracks or playlists aren't fully syncing, check:

  • The device is not in sleep mode.
  • There is enough free space to sync the songs (we recommend 1GB or more).
  • The device has an active Internet connection.
  • You haven't reached the limit of 3,333 songs per device.

Can I listen offline on more than one device?

Yes. You can save playlists for offline use on up to 3 devices. For example, you could use offline mode on your computer, tablet, and mobile phone at the same time. If you attempt to use offline mode on more than three devices, the oldest registered device won't work offline.


How many tracks can I sync to my device?

With a Spotify Premium subscription, you can sync for offline use 3,333 tracks from the Spotify catalogue on each device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.). If you're syncing your local files, there is no limit.


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