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Music playback stops suddenly; Spotify App very unstable

Gig Goer

When I start playback on my phone, it will work fine for a couple of minutes, but then it crashes. The app doesn't force close or something you would think of now; in fact, only the part of the app responsible for playback seems to crash.

When it happens, music playback stops immediately. If I am on the Now Playing screen when this happens, pressing the Play button will show the triangle, but trigger no action. Pressing it again doesn't do anything. The button doesn't even switch back to the two pause bars. The forward and rewind buttons also have no effect.

If I'm not on the Now Playing screen or press the back button and go there again, no info is displayed. I don't see the album cover, the song's title or anything like that and it just says "Loading ..."




If I wait for a minute or so, I can hear music again for a few seconds, and then it stops again.

Sometimes, forcing the app to close lets me listen to music again for a few minutes, sometimes I need to reboot my phone. Only in rare cases Music plays for more than a few minutes.

The issue only occurs when I play music on the device. Just browsing Spotify without listening to music or controlling another device using spotify connect do not trigger the issue. Local playback is required for the error to happen.


What I have tried to fix this problem:

  • Restart Spotify
  • Reboot Phone
  • Delete everything from the app settings and download everything again
  • Uninstall Spotify and reinstall it again from the Play Store
  • Spend hours trying and searching the internet

I have the feeling that the problem occurs less often when I go offline, though I'm not sure. It doesn't completely save me from this.


I am using a rooted Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) with Cyanogenmod 11 and Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. I have the most recent Spotify version installed and use Premium since April 2013.


Recently, I upgraded my external SD card from 32 GB to 64 GB, but I don't know anymore if this is also the time when the issue started happening or if I did this some time before or after. Because I use the old SD card with my Nintendo 3DS now, Copying all the files back to test this would mean so much work that I haven't tried it yet.

Also, I do not have any cleaning apps or task killers installed.


This is an error I am encountering almost every time when I try to listen to music from Spotify on my android device. I've had it for a pretty long time, but only once every few weeks, so I didn't care much. But about one month ago, it started happening almost every time and it is totally frustrating. Please help me!

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