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10-hour limit exceeded without using Spotifiy

10-hour limit exceeded without using Spotifiy

I've just opened Spotify after a month on holiday and it says my 10-hour limit is exceeded…

Is there a bug, can I do something to fix it?

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The limit is 2.5 hours a week, however if you haven't been using it it shouldn't be an issue. Has anyone else been using it, perhaps without your permission?



As I said, I'm just back from holiday, so I haven't used my 2.5 hours per week either.

No one else is using my account.

Can you try simply logging out and back in again?


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Ha! It's working now. Weird. Thanks.


I have a question now though: does this 2.5-hour limit apply when I listen to files I own on my computer (mp3 I have on iTunes)?

Aaaargh no wait! It worked when I started it but now it's back to 0 minutes left. 😞

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