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2 problems: no HTTPS and can't login anymore

2 problems: no HTTPS and can't login anymore



After the latest Spotify-update I could not use Spotify anymore (on my laptop at work). At work I used the HTTPS-proxy-option to make it work, that option dissappeared. Now I might found some proposed solutions for that problem on the forum, but meanwhile I logged out to check whether that would solve anything. Now I logged out I can't login anymore; it gives error code 2 or does not do anything. Meaning I now have 2 problems to solve! I tried to reinstall Spotify, even several older versions. Nothing seem to work anymore. At the login screen (the older version) I also can't go to the settings anymore to check whether that brings back the HTTPS option. So what to do to solve the login problem and HTTPS problem? I can imagine that both are related to the same. 


Edit: Webplayer does not work either btw



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Seems to work now, but no clue why..

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