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A few quick questions

A few quick questions

I pay for spotify premium mainly because I don't have a phone with alot of memory nor do I want to buy a larger mini sd. I thought the reason why I was paying for premium is to be able to stream music on my phone. 


I have recommened and coverted friends to Spotify and they all use the free version on their desktop. Recently my girlfriend decided to download spotify for her phone thinking it was free and when she started playing music I asked her if she was paying for it. She said no.


We checked her account and it says premium but she has no payment connected with it. It also says premium until march 20th.


So my question is why?

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When you install the Spotify application, without entering any payment information, you are automatically enrolled in a short trial of the premium service.  I can't remember whether it is 3 days or 7, and I'm having trouble locating the correct information.  If you would like to extend the trial to 30-days, you would need to enter payment details.  If you do this, the card you enter will be automatically charged the monthly fee unless you cancel before the trial is over.


Hopefully this answers your questions!

Hey guys,

Jvanderb is right. When you download the app on your phone, you're given a 48 hour Premium trial. To see if you like it. Her Spotify will revert back to the free version once the trial is over.

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