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A person keeps changing my Artist Pick from external

A person keeps changing my Artist Pick from external

Someone keeps changing my Artist Pick in my Spotify artist profile. This person has also published albums under my artist name, but does not have a login for my artist account. I also checked (via logs) if there were any logins from other people. This is not the case.

So this person is obviously able to change my Artist Pick without access to my Spotify artist account from external. How can this be? Spotify should really work on the security.

This is very frustrating.


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Hi there @Tom876

thanks for reaching out !


I would recommend starting by performing a change of password to any of you artist profiles backstage.


Furthermore, in cases like this, it's best for you to get in touch with the Spotify for Artists support team.

You can contact them through this page and have them take a closer look for you.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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