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A very unique problem--forgot my username, password, and email!

A very unique problem--forgot my username, password, and email!

As the title says, my problem is very unique. I have no access to the (now-defunct) computer on which I had my Spotify Premium login stored, and I don't remember the username, password, or email that I used. I have banking/credit card information in order to back this up if necessary.


I am fine with A) deleting that account, cancelling the automatic billing on it, and using this one instead or B) being restored access to that account.


A word back from Spotify staff or a nudge in the right direction from a community member would be wonderful. Thank you!

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Hmmmm... I'm not sure what Spotify could do, but they may be able to look it up by your credit/debit card number. Use this form to contact them. Did you try using all of the email address you can think of in the lost password page here?


Hope this helps 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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I just sent them an email using the form. Unfortunately, yes, I did try all of them that I could think of. 😕


Thanks for the reply!

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