Unlinking facebook

Unlinking facebook

I'm planning on deactivating my facebook accunt, but now that I have a premium spotify account I don't want to give up on spotify. How would I go about detatching the two, or would I have to make an entirely new spotify account and pay again for premium services even if the old account hadn't finished the month? 


I tried a google search for answers, but everything was from a year or two ago and not very helpful.

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If you set up your account with Spotify then linked to facebook, you should be able to just disconnect from fb and login with your Spotify user+pass instead.

If you signed up with facebook, unfortunately there is no way to keep your facebook Spotify account. However, you should be able to create a new account (with Spotify), then you can submit an online contact form; and someone at Spotify should be able to move everything over from the facebook Spotify account onto the new Spotify account. Then you can delete your fb account.


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Bravo Spotify !!


J'ai supprimé mon compte FB, donc maintenant, j'ai acheté de la musique pour rien, mes playlists ne me sont plus accessible.
La moindre des choses ca serait qu'on puisse transcrire un compte FB en compte normal.
Y'a rien de bien sorcier.


Bref, nouveau compte, j'ai perdu ma musique, grosse déception.

djey1301 - As Anthony mentioned above, you can get in touch with us here and an advisor will be more than happy to help get you back up and running again.


For Twitter support, find us at @SpotifyCares.

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alright, thanks for the info! 🙂

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