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Abnormal activity in my account - what is it?

Abnormal activity in my account - what is it?

Hi there! Yesterday I have received a strage e-mail from spotify.

Dear user: 

We detected abnormal activity on the app you are using 
so we have disabled it. Don’t worry - your Spotify account is safe. 

To access your Spotify account, simply uninstall 
any unauthorized or modified version of Spotify 
and download and install the Spotify app from the 
official Google Play Store

All I'm using is the old version of the spotify on my PC (old, not unauthorized), and also old version of Spotify on my phone. What should I do? I certainly don't want to upgrade to the new version cause I dislike it.

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Hey @anna_scooter,

Thanks for reaching out.


It seems an unauthorised app was detected. To carry on using Spotify, uninstall the existing app on your device, then download the latest official version from


Hope this helps. 🙂

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

I also received that message--just a few minutes ago.  All I'm using are the ordinary, current, un-hacked versions of the app.  One on my iPhone, and one on my PC laptop, both downloaded via the Spotify website on Chrome and the Apple App Store. Both are set to update automatically from their original sources.


Plus, when I checked both devices just now and fired up Spotify, neither version was actually disabled as described.  So maybe a ton of people just got this warning at random, because the company may be fishing for people who are not paying for the premium services they're sneaking by using hacked apps. I don't pay for premium, FYI; canceled that about a year ago when I wasn't satisified with the social features being constantly broken or changing for the worse.  But, I'm not getting premium features on either app. Spotify is about to go public with its stock, so they need to bump their profit margin every little bit before they do.  So I wouldn't pay attention to the message if I were you....looks like a fishing expedition to me.



The same here...Spotify has pre-blocked my acc for no reason. I dont own any hacked app or something like that. Shame, I'm going to use another music app. F*ck spotify. 

Me thinks you are not saying the entire truth

got the same problem with the linux and android app.  i recomend using an other app like deezer or pandora.

**bleep** Spotify, now I have to endure this damned announced for your payment

Dear Spotify. 

I have already unistalled Spotify and I have never used any hacked app whatsoever. Still I cannot get even the free user options, I mean, skip a few songs and all the songs on my playlists appear gray. 

What shall I do? 

Pay up you cheapskate pirate

I wasnt using any unauthorized apps spotify might have issues with programs like fl studio that i use or some other useful program that i need  but there is no unauthorized apps in my computer whatsoever

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