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Account Disabled and No Reply? Really?

Account Disabled and No Reply? Really?

I have had spotify for awhile now and loved it. It was amazing, my newborn baby listened to his favorite songs every night. Now I get an email saying my account has been disabled due to unusual high streaming? I am pretty sure I paid $10 a month to stream. What is worst is that we had accumulated thousands of songs on different playlists, now all gone. Can't even log in to get the song name. I am truly surprised by this treatment and when emailing you I get a generic reply repeating the whole unusual streaming spill. This is my last attempt to receive any kind of help before I swear off spotify all together. This is not the account in question, I had to create a new one since you disabled my community posting privileges as well .

1 Reply

Hi techage - We're happy to continue answering any questions. If you reply directly to that email your case will be sent to the right team. 


They can continue to assist you with that account. 


If you have any trouble post your case numbe here--thanks!

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