Account Hacked please help!!

Account Hacked please help!!


Please can you help - my account appears to have been hacked and hijacked by another user. I have managed to login to this page via facebook login, but the email address, postcode and password that are now associated with this account are not mine.

I am now paying for a service which someone else is accessing.



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Hey @azzadude123! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


I’m sorry to hear you think someone else has gained access to your Spotify account. Please check out the FAQ page ”Someone else has gained access to my account” here for the next steps to take.



Thanks but that is no help because I cannot access the email address associated to the account, as they have changed it along with the password!! PLEASE HELP



You don't need to the associated email address of the account to use the anonymous contact form. Try this contact form. ^^



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