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Account Porting Query

Account Porting Query

As far as I can tell from searching these forums, if you so wish, you are able to create a new account and port over your playlists, etc, as a solution to the current inability to change your username.


Assuming the above is the case, does anyone know if this also ports over your automatically generated Daily Mix's and various targeted music? Or does it need to learn all of your preferences again?



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Hi @EamerRed and welcome to the Community! 🙂
Since you would be creating a brand new account, the custom recommendations would not be transferred over - only playlists that are set as public.
It will take a few weeks for the custom content to generate based on your listening history and you can read more on the Daily Mix function here if you'd like.

I have copied the steps below for porting to a new account - if you choose to do so. I hope this was helpful and have an amazing day! 🙂


  1. Make sure all your playlists in your old account are set to Public. You can also make a playlist called Your Music and copy all your saved songs there.
  2. Once you've confirmed all your playlists are public, log out of your old account.
  3. For the next steps, it’s recommended to use a desktop device.
    Log in to your new account and search for your old account's profile. You can do so by typing spotify:user:username in the search bar (you need to replace username with your old account's username).
  4. Once you've located your old account's profile page, head to the tab Public Playlists. All your playlists should be displayed there.
  5. Click on a playlist.
  6. Once you've opened that playlist, select all the songs contained in it.
  7. Right click the selected songs and click Add to Playlist > New Playlist. 
    This step will create a new playlist to your new account containing the same songs. 
    You can name the playlist the same name it had on the old account if you wish or give it a different one.
  8. Repeat for all your playlists.

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