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Accout deleted?

Accout deleted?



I looked through the support site and found similar problems, but the solution wasn't the same.


I have had a Spotify account for some months now that I use through the phone app. My phone memory was getting low so I cleared some of the caches, the spotify one being one. Now it is entirely possible that I deleted the data instead of just clearing the cache...but the app remained installed (as it wasn't my intention to get rid of it)


Anyhow, I then tried to log into Spotify again, and it told me that an account with my e-mail didn't exist. I then rooted through my email to find the initial subscription email that Spotify sends, which I did find, confirming that I was putting in the correct email for the account. I tried again and still recieved the 'no spotify account with that email' prompt.


I then thought I would try to log in with facebook, thinking maybe for some reason that would work since my facebook uses the same email as my spotify. At that point, it created a brand new account, which confirmed that somehow clearing the data from my phone deleted my spotify account.


I would just like to make sure of two things.


One: Does my old account still somehow exist in the system and have my financial information on it? If so, I would like that to be fixed/deleted.


Two: Is this a common problem? does clearing the data from phones usually also delete the spotify account as a whole?



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Hey @Redroberts,


Thanks for reaching out. 


We can confirm that deleting cache from your phone will not delete your Spotify account. Have you tried logging in with your username and password? 


If you're still unable to log in to your account, we'd recommend reaching out to support so they can track down your account using your payment details. They'll also help close one of your two accounts, and transfer your saved music, playlists, and followers to a single account. 



We'd recommend getting in contact with us directly, or by tweeting our support handle. 




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