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Activity sharing

Hi all,

I got a question I don't want to share what I am listening to, but people did follow me. I turned activity sharing off in my account but still, they can see what I am listening to. In addition I turned off show my best artists (are how it's called in English) and everytime I open settings again it is switched to on. (For the information activity sharing is still off but doesn't work).


How am I able to fix this?


Thanks in advance!

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Hey @User1213! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


No worries!

Nobody can see your current 'Top artists' if you disabled the setting. You're the only one that should see them on your profile. ^^

And are you sure that your followers/friends can see your activity?



I made another account and I could see what I listened to on my main account. I have not checked if I can see it live, but I can see that I listened to a song x minutes ago. (I must admit it doesn't refresh always, but I see something from 3 hours ago).

You are right with top artists, on my profile I see nothing except from "no recent activity". But at the sidebar, I see that I listened to a song.

Is there a solution?

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